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The Lobstermobile

Image of the Lobster mobile

The Ultimate Marketing Vehicle


1998 was a game-changer for Boston Lobster Feast.  For many years, our local marketing efforts included visiting hotels and tourist areas in small pickup trucks with 14-foot fiberglass lobsters mounted on the roof.  These trucks were distinctive and folks from around the world took pictures every day as they traveled around Orlando. 


Then, the Volkswagen Beetle returned to the market.  One look is all it took.  It would be the perfect vehicle to showcase a lobster.  First, we had to buy a ‘Bug”, second, find a company that could build a giant lobster! BLF got their claws on one of the first ten sold in Orlando, and found Exoscope, a company who worked with the theme parks to produce a HUGE lobster.  Mounted on the car, from nose to tail, it would eventually be more than 20 feet long, and weigh in at 800 pounds. The “Lobstermobile” was born.

It has since become the most photographed Lobster in the world and has been featured in multiple car magazines. Every time the “Lob Star” takes to the streets, people take pictures, wave, honk and drop their jaws.    Our other Lobstermobile bears the plate “ME Icon” (ME is the postal abbreviation for Maine).

In 2015, the Maine Maritime Museum in Bath, Maine, reached out to Boston Lobster Feast and wanted to buy a lobster for their first exhibit on Lobstering and the Maine coast.  It turns out, that the Boston Lobster Feast was the largest lobster restaurant outside of New England, and that Bar Harbor Seafood was one of the largest distributors nationwide! Jeff Hazell then offered to donate the original Lobstermobile to the museum, and sent two of his staff heading north on Interstate 95 towing the Lobstermobile 1,425 miles, with stops in Myrtle Beach, Washington, Philadelphia, New York and Boston with some sightseeing along the way.

Have you seen the Lobstermobile while exploring Orlando? Tag us in your pics! @bostonlobsterfeast

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