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The History

Jeff Hazell, the original founder and owner of both Bar Harbor Seafood & The Boston Lobster Feast, was born by the sea in Newfoundland, Canada. His father was a lifelong fishermen and was stationed there as a member of the US Coast Guard


Jeff was raised in Marblehead, Massachusetts, just a few miles north of Boston. The son and grandson of lobstermen, he spent many summer days on their boats from a young age. 


Jeff began his career in the restaurant industry starting as a dishwasher and line cook during his high school days. He went on to study Hotel & Restaurant Management at the University of New Haven. While in college he completed an internship as a Culinary Assistant at Disney World. It was during this time that he became intrigued with the Orlando area and possibilities for growth.

Jeff finished his studies at UNH and returned to Orlando, and Bar Harbor Lobster was born. Tanks large enough to hold thousands of pounds of crustaceans filled his garage. He began selling live Maine Lobsters directly to local restaurants and grocery stores. Within a year he outgrew his humble beginnings and moved in to warehouse facilities in Central Orlando.

The demand for fresh shellfish and seafood continued to grow, and so did Jeff's passion for it. Jeff decided he wanted to serve directly to the people, and created the now world famous, all-you-can-eat Boston Lobster Feast. 

The original location was opened in 1991 located next to the Florida Mall. It was an immediate hit, with lines out the door, and a second location in Kissimmee became a necessity. Boston Lobster Feast continued to grow after the closure of the Florida Mall location and move to the Sand Lake/Doctor Phillips Area.  In the summer of 2021 there is a third restaurant in the Main Gate area of Kissimmee.

The Boston Lobster Feasts have remained destination restaurants for locals and tourists alike.

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